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Tips on how to be more productive during isolation


Hey guys, I hope that you all are well and have been keeping safe.

It has been a while since I’ve sat down and written a blog post. Writing has always been something that is therapeutic for me, especially when I go through challenging times. I thought what better time than now with everything that is going on to get my thoughts out on what has helped me deal with this difficult, and uncertain time. If you are a sensitive soul like me then I feel that you will find these tips helpful on how to alleviate stress and become productive during social distancing, especially if you are working from home.

Working from home

So currently I am working from home. This is something that I have never experienced before and I am sure that this is new to a lot of you too. It has taken me a while to adjust to this and to be honest, it can be a little isolating, especially when you are used to seeing your co-workers every day.  To help with adjusting, I have found that you need to make sure that your workspace is as comfortable as possible. Even if you need to move some things around, or ask your workplace for additional equipment. Comfort is key when adapting to a new routine.


I have found that the best way of me getting into a routine was to be gentle with myself and start small. I knew that if I was too hard on myself then I wouldn’t be likely to stick to it. I started by getting my sleep pattern in check which has been the best thing that I have implemented. I try to go to sleep at a certain time and get up at the same time. Working from home can make you feel a little unmotivated and sluggish. By sorting out my sleep pattern, I have found that I have a lot more energy and motivation to get things done.

Take regular breaks!

I cannot stress how important this is! Your employer may have given you set breaks and a lunchtime break, please, please ensure that you take them. I make sure that I close my laptop and walk away from my workspace so it feels that I am taking my break properly. I also recommend taking short mental breaks every half an hour, especially if you are focused on long tasks… Take a moment to concentrate on your breathing and take your eyes off your screen. This will help you keep more focused and quite frankly sane throughout the day!

Clear space, clear mind 

As I am spending more time at home, I find that keeping my space tidy also helps to keep my mind clear. I find that making my bed first thing in the morning sets the scene for the day and makes me feel productive. It also prompts me to keep the rest of my room tidy throughout the day as I can get a little messy when working from home.

Also, this is a great time to rearrange your room to make it as comfortable as possible. I took the time to do this and it has really made a huge difference in feeling relaxed in my room… Just make sure you are careful when lifting heavy furniture hehe!

Move your body

The saying movement is medicine is quite literally correct. I know that it is not the easiest during this current time, but I find that getting out and going for a walk does me the world of good. I try to do some form of exercise during the day, whether that be at at-home yoga or cardio on my exercise bike… I instantly feel 1000 times better. Find what works for you and try to implement it to your routine during the day. It will hugely benefit you, especially if you’re in a mental funk.

Also, make sure that you are eating nourishing foods high in vitamin D3 and vitamin C. I personally have enjoyed drinking warm water with a few slices of lemon throughout the day to boost my immune system and keep bacteria at bay.

Do things you enjoy

This can be quite difficult as you are going out less and seeing people less, but this may be a time to find some new hobbies and things that you enjoy doing. Maybe you enjoyed drawing or reading before and you have not had the time to get back into it. Or, you have been meaning to get back on track with your health and fitness, but you have been putting it off. Use this time to reflect and set yourself some goals of things that would make you happier if you were to achieve them.

Also, try to do small things throughout the day to put a smile on your face like cooking your favourite meal, running the bubbliest bubble bath or my personal favourite, listening to old school Rnb and singing at the top of my lungs… Whatever that will be, do it as often as possible. I find it is nice to have small things to look forward to throughout the day as it helps keep you motivated.

Stay connected 

This is the time more than ever to stay connected and help to lift each other up. Human connection is extremely important and times like these make you realise that more than ever. Although we are going through a strange time, I’m grateful that modern technology allows us to pick up the phone and Facetime a loved one. I know it is not the same as seeing someone by any means, but having a chat with a friend or loved one throughout the day can make all the difference and is good for your mental wellbeing.


When my mind is overly chaotic, I like to take a few moments to sit in a comfortable place and focus on my breathing. You don’t have to be a pro at meditating, this is just to help shift your mind to focus on the present moment and forget about your worries for the time. I also like to pray and give thanks to the things that I am grateful for. This really helps to shift my mood when I am feeling negative and makes me feel more grounded and empowered.

View more uplifting content

When I’m feeling particularly anxious, I avoid consuming overly stressful viewing, whether that be the news or media – I try to limit it to once a day just to keep myself updated. If you are a sensitive soul like me then consuming less overwhelming media can really help to alleviate your anxieties. I really recommend consuming more uplifting content whether that be your favourite comedian or binge-watching your favourite TV series…. My fave will forever be The Office USA! I can watch it over and over and over again!

To conclude this post, I know that a lot of you are going through a difficult time at the moment and it may be hard to keep positive, but please try to be kind to yourself and take each day at a time. We cannot control what is currently going on, but we can control how we view this situation. Take this opportunity to rest and reevaluate things. Perhaps ask yourself if you are truly happy and if you’re not, then take this opportunity of calmness to take the necessary steps to plant the seeds to build a more prosperous life. Remember that this too shall pass and tough times do not last forever.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and have found it useful and perhaps have taken something away from it. Please feel free to share your thoughts and things that have been helping you below… I’d love to hear about them:)

Love Elle N xx


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