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How to make your hair grow & be healthy on a budget (Part 1/3)

How to make your grow & be healthy on a budget.png!!!

Ever since I bleached the life out of my hair last summer, I have been on a mission to recover it back to health! Even though I absolutely loved how my balayage looked-progressively bleaching it lighter took a serious toll on my hair. I was left with dry, weak and straw-like hair that was screaming out for some TLC!

I would say that I’ve really taken hair care seriously within the last few months & have gradually seen results through these steps that I’ve been taking & products that I’ve been using. You’ll be pleased to know that they are all budget friendly and steps you can implement into your hair care routine right away! As there a quite a few steps I thought I’d break it up into a fun little series- I think this will be particularly helpful if you too are on the same journey or if you want tips on how to make your hair grow & be healthy.

Give it a good ol’ chop!

In a bid to make my hair look healthier after I had bleached it, I dyed it back to its natural colour and then had a Brazilian Keratin Treatment- Keratin treatments are known to help reduce frizz and help make your hair more manageable- I created a postand a YouTube video all about my experience if you are interested:) You don’t have to get a Keratin treatment as they are fairly pricey… I will give you recommendations for affordable hair masks that have done wonders for my hair in the next coming post:)

It actually took a while to give my hair a good cut after it had been damaged, as I was desperately trying to hold on to the length- It needed at least three inches off and once I had it cut, it looked 100 times healthier! In fact, once I had it cut, it prompted me to start my hair care journey in a bid to grow it longer healthily.  If you don’t want to cut inches of your hair off, then I highly recommend trimming it regularly to get rid of those ratchet ends!

Go SLS free

One of the things I was advised to do as part of my aftercare routine when I had my keratin treatment done was to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate-free shampoos are a lot gentler than a sulfate shampoo so they will not dry out your hair & strip it from its natural oils. Since switching to a sulfate free shampoo & conditioner I have noticed that my hair feels a lot less dried out and frizzy after I have washed it. Plus, it feels good to know that I’m not using any nasties on my scalp.

This took some getting used to, as admittedly sulfate-free shampoos do not lather up as well as sulfate shampoos do. However, I have found ones that are just as good and that clean the hair really well. My personal favourites are;

I will be posting some more tips and products that I use to help my hair grow healthily in the next coming posts. What products do you like to use to grow your hair healthily?

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