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Cover FX Illuminating Prime & Set Kit Review

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I recently had my Birthday in December and was lucky enough to have had received A LOT of makeup & beauty products to have a play around with… My friends & family know me so well:) The cover FX Illuminating Prime & Set Kit-£22  was among the collection of things that I’d received & It had definitely arrived at the right time! The kit includes an Illuminating Primer, Custom Enhancer Drops and an Illuminating Setting Spray. I was in need of a new primer & setting spray and anything that contains the word illuminating is music to my ears! 

Cover FX is a brand that I’d seen floating around a lot on social media, mainly due to the custom Enhancer Drops. They’ve had a lot of hype around them and have been compared to the infamous Iconic London Illuminator drops. I somehow haven’t tried any form of illuminating drops so I was intrigued to see if they were something I was missing out on. I’ve had a good month to give the products a go & I am excited to share my thoughts with you as I honestly feel that I’ve hit the jackpot with this kit:)

Illuminating Primer| As I have dry skin, I always go for primers that are Illuminating or hydrating, therefore, this was a perfect addition to my makeup bag. The tube contains 15 ml of product which I believe is a good size when testing out a primer, plus I have a feeling that it will last me a while. I have to admit that I was a little worried that it would be a little greasy feeling due it’s luminous finish, but I can safely say that it does not feel greasy at all! Unlike other luminous primers that I’ve tried which sit on top of my skin, this primer really sinks in and applies seamlessly whilst also adding hydration. 

I have to say that it was love at first try with this primer as it instantly made my skin look brighter, radiant & healthy which I haven’t experienced before with any other primer. Thankfully, It also hasn’t broken me out which could be because it is -free of silicone, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil, and talc- It is a perfect primer to opt for if you have sensitive skin. I can see it becoming my holy grail primer as it makes my foundation apply on so beautifully! Also, I’m getting a lot of compliments on how good my skin is looking which I certainly feel is down to this little gem:)

Custom Enhancer Drops – Moonlight| If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know that I’m highlighter obsessed, although funnily enough, I have never tried highlighting drops?! These custom enhancer drops come in nine beautiful shades and can be mixed with skincare, foundation or worn over the top of powder to create a multitude of looks effortlessly. The kit contains the shade Moonlight which is described as being a silver shimmer, although I feel it is more of a bronze shimmer and feel it will suit most skin tones.

The first thing I noticed about this product is how pigmented it is! I quickly realised that a little really does go a long way as it’s easy to overdo it. Although you can use this for various things, I like to use it to highlight under or on top of my foundation. I found the best way to use it is without powdering your face first as it can go a little patchy. I like to apply it with my fingers and lightly blend it out using a beauty sponge. It blends out so beautifully and gives your skin the most gorgeous and radiant glow! I can’t say if it’s comparable to the Iconic London drops as I have never tried them, but I feel you will love this if you’re into liquid highlighting drops.

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Illuminating Setting Spray| I have been loyal to my NYX dewy setting spray for a while now, though, was in need of something that felt a little more dewier.  I’m always a little dubious when trying out illumining setting sprays as I have a fear of looking like a sweat ball, but thankfully, this one does nothing of the sort. Instead, it gives my skin that ‘lit from within glow’. Unlike other setting sprays that I’ve tried, it sprays out in a fine mist instead of that usual water spray which I can find to be quite heavy.  As it is infused with light reflecting particles, you need to remember to shake it well…unless you like that glitter ball look:)

I tend to use it before I put on my makeup for that extra glow and afterwards to set everything in place. It does a great job at making my makeup look less cakey and I do find that my makeup lasts well when I have this on. This is a fantastic setting spray to opt for during the winter plus, it does come in two sizes (30 ml-£9 & 120 ml-£22)  which I feel are reasonably priced for such a great quality product.

My final thoughts…Overall, I think the prime and set kit is a must-have if you’re into the glowy skin look or if you are struggling with dry skin this winter and you want to incorporate more luminosity into your makeup routine.  I love how affordable the kit is, considering you get to try out three amazing products from a luxury brand which are all a reasonable size. The full bottle of the Cover FX Enhancer drops retail to £34 so I feel that you are getting a pretty great deal getting to try all of those products for just £22!  I also believe this will make a fantastic gift to all beauty lovers out there. If you love a bit of glow in your life, then you definitely need this kit in your collection:)

What are your favourite illuminating makeup products? 

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