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I’m sure that you’ve seen/read many rave reviews about the new Makeup Revolution which has been compared to the infamous Tarte shape concealer. Personally, I  haven’t tried shape tape as I honestly can’t bring myself to spend £30 plus on a concealer (UK price)- Especially when I’m satisfied with my Maybelline Eraser eye which is a fraction of the price!

On that basis, I could only compare it to my Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer and let me tell you that it had a lot to live up to! Anything that can replace my beloved Eraser Eye is definitely worth all the hype! I’d watched a few YouTube reviews before I purchased the concealer and gathered that the correct shade for me would be C5 for concealing & C13 for contouring. First of all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that there are 18 shades to choose from ranging from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones… Other brands, please take note of this:) Also, let us not forget that it’s priced at just £4!!…Shape tape who?

I have been testing them out for a couple of weeks and have got a good idea of what I think of them in terms of application, wear and finish which I’m excited to share with you… Is this my new favourite new drugstore concealer??…

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About the concealer

This concealer claims to be a lightweight, yet a full coverage concealer to cover blemishes, even skin tone and counteract dark circles, with a matte finish that won’t settle or accentuate fine lines and pores. It contains a long wearing & intense pigment that can also be used to contour and add definition. The large doe foot applicator allows for a smooth application that won’t drag on the delicate skin under your eyes. Let’s not forget to mention that it is priced at only £4!…Shape tape who? 

It is available online at Superdrugs and TAM Beauty.

First impressions

On first impressions, I can totally agree that it is a lightweight concealer which has a fairly thick consistency. I expected it to feel a lot heavier due to it being full coverage, but I can safely say that the coverage and pigmentation are not affected by this at all! As stated, this concealer really does pack a punch when it comes to coverage and pigmentation. When I began to blend it out using my damp beauty sponge, the first words that came out of my mouth were ‘OH MY GOD!’. It literally covers up every sin and blends out like an absolute dream!

Revolution Conceal & Define copy.png

As well as using it to cover up my glorious under eye darkness, it also works well at covering up any blemishes or redness without looking too heavy or cakey. One thing I will point out is that I’ve found that it works best when I build it up gradually. I’ve found that it can be difficult to blend out if I apply loads of product all at once – It provides an airbrush finish when applied in layers, and I’m also loving the fact that it contains a large doe foot applicator as it makes for super easy & quick application. It also hasn’t broken me out which is always a massive plus! 🙂

Revolution conceal & Define Dofet applicator


It is described as having a matte finish, but I would say it has more of a semi-matte finish. This is something that I much prefer due to being blessed with dry skin… Can you detect my sarcasm? One thing I will point out is that it dries down very quickly, therefore, I need to set my under eye concealer immediately after application to avoid any creasing. I have found that if I leave it on too long without setting it, then it will start to crease which we do not want! Once it is set in place, it provides a smooth and flawless finish…It’s honestly amazing!!


When it comes to most drugstore concealers that I’ve tried, I usually find that they will begin to wear off after a few hours. The only one that I’ve found that lasts that bit longer is the Maybelline eraser eye. However, I must say that the revolution define & conceal also has impeccable lasting power. I’ll pop it on in the morning before I go to work and it will pretty much look exactly the same by the end of the day. Providing that I set it straight away, it will not budge!… Dare I say that it lasts longer than some higher end concealers that I have tried!… Impressive,  right?


I tend to stay away from cream contour products as I find that they can look patchy on my dry skin, however, I wanted to give this a go to give you my thoughts. Firstly C13 was a great colour match for me. Once blended in it gave me a gorgeous bronzed contour. I applied stripes on the usual contour areas of my face (cheekbones &  forehead) and blended it out using a stippling brush. To my surprise, It blended into my skin seamlessly, without looking patchy or clinging on to any dry areas. My powder bronzer also applied smoothly on top it, which has never happened before when using a cream contour product. If you’re into your cream contour than I feel that you will love this!Revolution Conceal & Define C13

Final thoughts… Is it better than my Maybelline eraser eye?

I typically wear the Maybelline eraser eye concealer in the colour light which I mainly use to highlight the high points of my face and cover up my under eye darkness. The thing I love most about my eraser eye is that it really brightens and lifts my under eye area.  I feel that the shade C5 is slightly too dark for my under eyes and feel that I would need to try a lighter shade to make a fair comparison. In terms of pigmentation & bendability, it is extremely similar to the Maybelline eraser eye concealer, if not providing a little bit more coverage which is always a bonus!

Overall, I think it is an incredible little drugstore concealer priced at just £4 and would highly recommend everyone to give it go! It is described as being the ‘the concealer for everyone’ and with 18 shades to choose from I feel that this statement might just be true!

It is available online at Superdrugs and TAM Beauty. Have you tried it yet? What are your thoughts?

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