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Pillow spray

If there is one thing that I could change about myself, it would be to become a better sleeper. I’m the kind of person that finds it difficult to unwind before bedtime & annoyingly wakes up at the slightest sound! My issue with sleep has become increasingly worse over the past year as I have started to wake up numerous times throughout the night, which has encouraged me to find ways to get a better night’s rest. I’m going to share 5 things that are helping to improve my sleeping routine & I think will benefit you too! 


Exercise-  As well as helping to ease my anxiety, exercise really helps relax my mind when I’m feeling overstressed or agitated. I find the best time to exercise to encourage a better night’s sleep is late in the afternoon so you can allow your body enough time to burn the energy it gains from exercising. I have found that yoga & light stretching also helps tremendously with relaxing your body & mind for a better nights sleep.  

Have a warm, relaxing bath– There is a massive difference between having a quick soak in the bath and really taking the time to let your body unwind. I like to spend at least 30-45 minutes in the tub and will add Epsom bath salts to relax my muscles and loosen stiff joints. You could also add some lavender and chamomile essential oils for extra relaxation. If I am feeling super fancy or when I’m having a pamper evening in, I’ll usually light a few candles and play some relaxing music 

Unplug from the digital world– This may seem like a pretty difficult task as we practically live online in this day and age, however, I cannot stress how much this will make a difference to your sleeping routine. Having your phone in your hand whilst you’re trying to unwind is a no-go! We all know that we can get carried away with watching hours of YouTube videos which is not going to put you in a relaxing mood. When I started implementing the no electronics for an hour before bed approach, I noticed that I was able to fall asleep a lot quicker & deeper. 

Sleep pillow spray-Pillow sprays may seem a little gimmicky and I must admit that I was slightly dubious about trying them, however, they have proved me wrong! I now have two pillow sprays in my collection, which I can honestly say work a treat! I swear by the This works pillow spray and I recently kindly received the new Ren & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray which I also adore! Both sprays contain a blend of essential oils, though I have to admit that I prefer the Ren & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray, as the scent of lavender is slightly more prominent and really does a great job at making me feel relaxed. I 100% recommend trying out a pillow spray as I personally can’t sleep without one! 

Meditate- I know the concept of meditation & mindfulness seems pretty difficult to grasp if you’re a beginner to it, but I feel that this has been one of the most effective techniques that have helped me sleep better. Since I feel that my issues with sleep are mostly due to overthinking, I have got myself into a routine where I do at least 10 minutes of meditation before bedtime. If you need some guidance with meditation, then I really suggest downloading the app Headspace. It’s great if you are new to meditation as it has a guided meditation program for beginners, to help with different issues that you may be facing and also has one specifically for sleeping issues. 

I hope this post has helped you get some inspiration and tips on how you too can improve your sleep! Do you have any tips for better sleep?

Elle xx 

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