Braun Silk 5 5780 Epilator Review

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a good month so far and enjoying the gorgeous weather that we’re having:)

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I see the sun, my shorts are coming out to get that tan going. Although I love the warmer months I do find that hair removal can become a rather tedious and tiresome upkeep. I’ve tried waxing, hair removing creams which give great results, though I’m not too keen on the waiting period so have just stuck to shaving.

Whilst shaving is a quick and easy option, I don’t appreciate the speed of regrowth and that the hair grows back thicker! I find that I have to shave my legs every few days to keep them looking smooth which leads to skin irritation and razor bumps appearing. This is never a good look as you want your legs to look their best in those denim shorts:)

I kept hearing about the wonders of epilating but would dismiss it as I thought the pain would be excruciating. It wasn’t until I was recently browsing at my local Boots when the Braun Silk 5 5780 Epilator caught my eye. Firstly, it was half price reduced from £99.99 to £49.99 and as I read the box further it stated that it was ideal for women who are new to Epilation and it’s massaging rollers actively stimulate your skin for an extra gentle Epilation. All of these factors sold it to me and I finally plucked up the courage to buy it as shaving just wasn’t cutting it for me..(no pun intended :P)

Braun Silk 5 5780 Epilator- Features & Benefits

The Silk-épil 5 emulators are designed for efficient, long-lasting and extra gentle hair removal, the new Braun Silk 5 5780 Epilator is ideal for women who are new to Epilation. It includes Close-Grip technology with 40 tweezers that even remove short and fine hair. It also has a Comfort System with massage rollers that stimulate the skin, plus a cooling glove to soothe after Epilation.

-An extra gentle Epilation with a Comfort System composed of high frequency massaging rollers and a cooling glove to soothe the skin after Epilation
-Braun’s 40 Close-Grip tweezers for better removal of even the shortest hairs
-Removes hairs as fine as a grain of sand (0.5 mm) from the root to leave skin smooth for up to four weeks
-Also comes with 7 attachments including a shaver head, a trimmer cap, sensitive area cap, facial cap, massage cap, skin content cap and a cooling glove
-The device is fully washable under running water for better hygiene
-The Smartlight helps you find even the finest hairs for no miss removal
-The speed personalization allows you to select the right speed for your individual needs.


My Verdict

I used this for the first time last week and I did that thing where you close your eyes when it first made contact with my skin but, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t hurt a fraction of what I thought it would! There was some slight discomfort but, it never hurt as much as anticipated and as I’m used to waxing, this was a breeze for me. I instantly noticed how smooth my skin felt afterwards and you could really see that it had pulled out the hairs right from their roots! Refreshingly, there were no signs of those annoying dots that you get with shaving, which I loath!

I also loved how quick and mess free this was to use, perfect for when you’re short on time and want a quick and effective fix! It has been a week and a few days since I’ve used it and there is no sign of hair re-growth plus, my skin still feels smooth which I really didn’t expect. It has been a while since I’ve used a product which I’m blown away by plus, I don’t even get these results with waxing! Is it strange to say that I’m looking forward to using it again? 😛

I would 100% recommend as it gives amazing results, it’s quick and fuss free and also cost effective over waxing or laser. Have you tried Epilating yet? Buy here!


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