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Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Review

Hi guys, I hope you are all having a good week so far:) So I have been meaning to write this review for a couple of weeks now and I have made a step by step YouTube Video on how I to do a Brazilian Keratin Treatment at home but as I had issues with my MacBook, I had to put it on hold.

Why I chose to do the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

I am fortunate to have a sister who is a hairdresser which means apart from getting my hair done for free, I can also be a little more experimental with my hair. Consequently, I decided to bleach my hair blond last summer and gradually kept going lighter, which meant more bleach and more damage done to my hair. If you are a brunette and you have bleached your hair blond before, then you will know that on top of it being a massive upkeep, it also takes a toll on your hair especially when you apply heat to style it.

So, when winter came my hair was left feeling dry, brittle and unmanageable. I concluded that I could either give it a good chop or colour it darker. I decided that I didn’t want to cut it off, so I choose to colour it darker hoping that it would restore my hair back to life. Although colouring my hair and upping my hair mask application did make it look shinier, it still felt dry and brittle. I was ready to cut it off, but my sister suggested that she should try a Brazilian Keratin treatment on it as it had done wonders for her client’s hair and is renowned for taking away the frizz and restoring shine back into your hair. The one my sister used on my hair is called COCOCHOCO Pure Total Repair Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment.

I was sceptical about it as I thought my hair would literally snap off if I played around with it any further, but I also didn’t want to cut it off so desperation led me to agree to it.

Before brazillian Keratin

My dry/frizzy hair during the Keratin Treatment

What to expect

It takes a long time– I was lucky enough to have it done in the comfort of my own home so the process wasn’t too agonising for me, but it did take approximately 3 hours so it is not a treatment to do if you’re stuck for time.

Your eyes may water & there is a strange smell– You will be able to smell an odd, mouldy smell throughout the process which certainly isn’t pleasant but it does disappear towards the end. However, I have to say that my watery, streaming eyes are the thing that bothered me more than the smell though it wasn’t anything too extreme and pain is beauty right?!

There are loads of steps- You’ve heard the saying ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ well, it definitely can be applied to this process as there are a fair amount of steps involved which include; shampooing hair using a Clarifying Shampoo; rough-dry hair until it’s 95% dry; apply the treatment working in small sections; let the treatment activate for 20 minutes; working in small sections, blow-dry treatment into hair; using a hair straightener, flat iron hair in small sections going over each section 4-5 times.Voila, you will be amazed at how smooth and shiny it is!

Aftercare- You are advised not to wash your hair for 3 days, although 5 full days are recommended for best results (that’s what I did). Tying your hair up is also a no-no as it will ruin the vigorous straightening your hair went through. You must cleanse your hair using a shampoo and conditioner which do not contain sulphates or sodium chloride in them. The ones I have discovered recently that are SLS free are the 0GX Anti-Breakage keratin Oil shampoo and conditioner which I absolutely adore!

Keratin Treatment blowdry

The process takes a long time but is worth it!

Was it worth it/my review?

If I can describe my Brazilian Keratin treatment in a short phase, then I’ll have to say it has been ‘life-changing’. Honestly, this may sound a little dramatic, but I used to dread washing my hair as I had to deal with an aftermath of a knotty, dry and unmanageable mess. The only way to make it look semi-presentable was to douse it in hair oil and use a straightener to style it which didn’t help matters with my dry and damaged hair.

So since having my Brazilian Keratin treatment not only do I not mind washing my hair, but my hair dries with zero frizz and in literally 20 minutes! This has been an absolute godsend as I am always on the go and I used to see washing my hair as a dreaded task. To also add to my delight, my hair dries in frizz free, silky, tousled soft waves which mean’s I don’t have to use any heat which contributed to the brittleness and dryness along with the bleach. I am amazed that I now have shiny, healthy-looking hair, which is a far cry from what it looked like.

I have actually fallen back in love with my hair thanks to this treatment! I feel that doing it around Spring time has been the perfect time of year to do it, due to the wash and go and no heat benefits you get from it. Saying that it will be the perfect treatment to get before you are going on holiday. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it apart from ‘why didn’t I get it done sooner’? I for sure will be continuing to have these treatments and I highly recommend it to anyone who is battling with dry, brittle and unmanageable hair to get it done as I guarantee you will love your hair again too!

Keratin 2

The finished results!


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