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Benefit They’re Real! Double The Lip/Genious or Gimick?

They're Real Double the Lip 2

Hello guys, I hope you’re all doing well 🙂 So, I have another juicy review for you this week.

I’ve noticed that more and more brands are becoming extra creative with their makeup releases, and I’m always interested to find out if it’s simply just another gimmicky product launch or if there’s a wondrous product that everybody needs to know about. Last week, I reviewed the L’Oreal Total Cover Infallible Foundation  (read here) due to its ambitious claims and thought to review Benefit’s They’re Real Double the Lip, due to the different take it has on lipstick…If you don’t know by now, I LIVE for lipsticks!!

How does it work?

The lipstick is packaged in the infamous They’re Real metallic silver packaging that their bestselling They’re Real Mascara comes in. To get the product out, you twist the tube up from the bottom to reveal the lipstick, which I must point out, has a generous amount in it. Unconventionally, the lipstick comes in a tear shape which is separated into a lipstick and a darker lip-liner shade, that has a slightly glossier texture to it. The pointed end contains the darker lip-liner colour, which makes it easy to define your lips and get a precise application.

They're Real 3

Colour range 

This baby comes in eight different shades ranging from neutrals to bright colours which are: nude scandal, flame game, criminally coral, fuchsia fever, lusty rose, revved-up red and juicy berry…don’t you just love the cute names of these lipsticks? All of the shades are extremely wearable and very Spring appropriate, especially the criminally coral and fuchsia fever shades. I, of course, went for the nude scandal which isn’t the typical nude brown shade I usually go for, as it has a pink undertone to it but, nevertheless, it is a stunning colour.


Me wearing the shade ‘Nude Scandal’

Texture, Pigmentation & Finish 

I wasn’t too sure of how these lipsticks would apply as they are described as having a semi-matte finish, but let me just tell you that I was pleasantly surprised as I assumed that they would be more on the drying side.  The texture is creamy and soft which makes for an effortless application. I wouldn’t say they have a particularly glossy or shiny finish, though, I wouldn’t describe them as being semi-matte either, which I don’t mind as it makes a nice change from my usual drying liquid lipsticks. I also feel that the velvety texture contributes to making my lips look fuller along with the two-tone colouration.

The formula and pigmentation of these lipsticks remind me of the Mac Lustre lipsticks which are one of my favourites, and I know this may sound a little strange, but I can truly feel the quality oozing out of them every time I apply them.

Lasting Power, does it last up to 8 hours? 

So this lipstick claims to last up to 8 hours…Do I think any lipstick I own lasts for up to 8 hours? The answer is no, unless, I put on superglue before applying it and refrain from eating and drinking 🙂 Saying that, I would say it does last a good 4 hours before wearing off, similarly to a Mac Lipstick. It also stood the eating test, as it was still firmly on my lips after I had a cheeky Wagamama’s for lunch.

Is it worth the purchase? 

To be completely honest, I thought this will be just another disappointing, gimmicky product that will be a waste of money, however, I feel quite the opposite. The Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip has completely taken me by surprise and is all I’ve been wearing on my lips. I am impressed with the impeccable formula, pigmentation and effortless application these lipsticks provide. It is the perfect lipstick for working gals, busy mums or if you’re just stuck for time. I literally apply it using the train window on my way to work, not sure if that’s a good look but it does the job 🙂

The added bonus for me is that it does give the illusion that I have plumper lips and I know that this will be my spring summer/lipstick due to the velvety texture, as I’m not about the matte lip look during the warmer months. My only issue is thinking about which shade to purchase next as they all look delicious!

Have you tried these yet? which one do you recommend?

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