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L’oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

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Hello my lovelies, I hope you’re all having a good week and enjoying the cheerful weather:)

So as I love to try out different foundations whether it be high end or high street, I am always excited when a high street brand releases a new foundation that has promising claims! Therefore I was pretty excited when L’Oreal released their Infallible Total Cover Foundation, which claims to even cover up tattoos!! If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know that I’m all about that high coverage and as I am a HUGE fan of the L’Oreal true match and the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation, purchasing the total cover was a no-brainer.


The Infallible Total Cover Foundation was launched along with the L’Oreal infallible Total Cover Concealing and Contour kit ready for Spring 2017! It claims to wear for 24 hours, providing a full coverage with a lightweight feel yet giving you a natural finish. It also claims to blend instantly into the skin to cover dark spots, scars, blemishes, hyper-pigmentation for a flawless complexion, which can be used either on the face or the body. It is recommended that you use the Infallible Blend Artist for best results.

Colour range

This foundation comes in seven shades which are: 9) Light Sand Nude, 10) Porcelain 12) Natural Rose, 21) Golden Sand, 24) Golden Beige, 32) Amber and 33) Cappucino. I must admit that I’m a little disappointed at the limited colour selection as there isn’t much of a choice for yellow undertones, I  found it fairly difficult to find a shade that was a good match for my light olive skin.  I decided to go for the shade- 9) Light Sand Nude which was the closest match, though, it is a tad bit too light for me but nothing that a bit of bronzer can’t fix:)

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who thinks this, and if you live in the UK you will probably feel my pain, but, don’t you find that the foundations in the US always have more of a broader shade range?!… I wonder why that is…

Texture/coverage & Finish

I assumed that the consistency of this foundation would be fairly thick, however, it has a light, mousse-like texture that comes out rather thin.  I applied it using my beloved Morphe M439 and my first thoughts were that it is quite pigmented. I was also surprised at how seamlessly it glided onto my skin, as I usually have to firmly buff in full coverage foundations to get a smooth finish.

Another thing I liked about this foundation was that it felt like I was wearing nothing on my skin! Although I like my foundation to be full coverage, I do not appreciate the feel of heavy, cakey foundations. Due to my dry skin type,  I am wary of mattifying foundations as they tend to cling onto dry patches. Sadly, I had that problem with this foundation as not only did it cling onto dry patches, but it didn’t live up to the ‘total coverage’ claims that had made me purchase it.

Since It is hyped to have major coverage  I was hoping it would cover some of my hyperpigmentation but disappointingly, it didn’t do a great job at that. In fact, I had to go over my imperfections with a  concealer which was disappointing for a product that claims to even cover tattoos! Although this foundation is pretty pigmented, I do find it to be quite sheer which I am not sure is the best combination for providing that full coverage.

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Lasting Power

It claims to last 24 hours, but let us be honest here, who would want to keep their foundation on for a whole day?! I know my skin wouldn’t be happy about that. Saying that it did last a good 7 hours before it started to break down and oxidise which isn’t too bad going for a high street foundation.

My Final thoughts

The total cover had a lot to live up to from the get-go due to the amazing claims that it has behind it and also because of the fact that I adore the L’Oreal true match and L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation. In terms of the total coverage it claims to provide, it certainly did not live up to my expectations. I do believe that the true match and infallible Matte foundation do a much better job at covering up my imperfections.

I also feel that this foundation is not the best option to go for if you have a dry skin type as it may cling on to any dry patches or blemishes you may have due to the mattifying finish it provides. I can see it working for the more oilier to combination skin types. I do like that fact that it blends in effortlessly and feels lightweight on my skin, but the lack of coverage and finish overrides the positive for me. Furthermore, I  feel that the colour selection was a let down similarly to the Infallible Total Cover Foundation. L’Oreal, you did so well with the true match colour range… Please take a note of this:)

The question is, will I use this foundation again or will it go in my draw of disappointing foundations? I have thought about this and I feel that I will try to get my use out of it by mixing a little amount with a dewier foundation… I always tend to mix disappointing foundations with ones that I like which tend to do the trick:). L’Oreal probably are one of the best brands for affordable foundations as the L’Oreal true match is a holy grail of mine, but, sadly  I cannot say the same for the total coverage.

Have you tried it yet? What are your thoughts?


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