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I’ve always seen Zoeva as a brand that specialising in makeup brushes rather than makeup, and can write until the cows come home about how much I love their 224 blending brush! However, I kept seeing this eyeshadow palette pop up on my Instagram feed and knew that I had to see what all the hype was about. Whilst browsing their eyeshadow selection, I have to say that I was immediately drawn to the caramel melange palette iconas I was captivated my the gorgeous caramel shades but sadly it was out of stock so bought the cocoa blend palette iconwhich I was initially intending on but as a true beauty enthusiast my eyes wondered.

I’ve brought up countless times on my Instagram and in previous blog posts that the urban decay naked palette and too faced chocolate bar palette iconare my top two eyeshadow palettes of all time and ones that I religiously reach for. However, the hysteria around the ‘cocoa blend’ was definitely worth listening to as it has joined the list of my top 3 favourites!

Firstly let me take a minute to talk about the ravines packaging. I know that urban decay did a similar theme with their chocolate bar palette which smells delightful, but there is something about this chocolate inspired brown and gold foiled packaging, that gives it a sophisticated and luxurious feel. This is not just appealing to the eye but tastes buds too as you can mistake it for a big chocolate bar (yum!). I also adore how the names of the shadows where inspired by warm truffle colours, delicate nougat shades and notes of shimmering marzipan’. Each shade is gorgeously unique and wearable.

Gorgeous chocolate inspired gold and brown packaging

Although the packaging is good enough to eat, my favourite thing about this palette is the impeccable formula and pigmentation of the shadows. I recently created a makeup look to post on my Instagram as I wanted to try out the shadows and I must say I was blown away by the pigmentation! There is something about the super soft and buttery formula that gives the most amazing metallic payoff. I would defiantly say that these shadows are far more pigmented and blendable than the ones in the chocolate bar palette…sorry to any chocolate bar palette fans out there.

Another thing I discovered whilst creating this look was how incredibly long lasting these shadows are. I created a look in the morning and I kid you not, it looked exactly the same as I applied it in the evening. Although I do advise that you prime your eyelids beforehand, especially if you have annoying oily eyelid syndrome like me:(

The palette contains ten shadows, four of them are matte and the other six I wouldn’t say are shimmery, but give a beautiful metallic, foiled finish.  As this is a recent purchase, I haven’t had the opportunity to play around with all the eyeshadows but, I do have some favourite shadows that I’ve used already, or see myself wearing which I will share with you:)

Gorgeous, wearable rich tones

Pure ganache- I used this in the centre of my eyelids for an autumnal makeup look and now I can’t stop wearing it. Every eyeshadow palette has a bronze shade, albeit, this is nothing like any other bronze shadow I’ve tried. Although it is described as being a metallic gold, I would say it is a perfect mixture of burnt copper and gold. I can see this complementing every eye colour too!

Substitute for love- Is quite similar to bittersweet in the chocolate bar palette but I would say this has more of a deep toffee undertone to it. This is a perfect crease colour and I could see it working with every shade in this palette.

Warm tones-I haven’t so far used this shadow, although I’m dying to create a berry toned purple smokey eye with it along with tonnes of black this space:) This is described as being a glittery cranberry purple which I can imagine will look great on its own or with a smokey eye.

infusion- Zoevea describes this as being a matte dark brown infused with golden glitter, although,  I can certainly detect purple undertones in it. I  created a halo eye makeup look using this shade where I  placed it across my eye crease and inner lid to create the ‘halo effect’ and then went ahead and placed pure ganache in the centre of my eyelid. I must say that these colours surprisingly complemented each other well:)

Halo effect using ‘pure ganache’ and ‘infusion’

To sum up this review, I would 1000% recommend this palette if you’re an eyeshadow palette lover like me. The pigmentation, impeccable formula and lasting power compete with some of my higher end palettes. You would think this it is priced higher than £18 which is a complete steal for the formula and also comparing the urban decay too faced palette, which is priced at £38.50 and is just as good if not better! This palette will be a perfect if you are looking to spend more than a drugstore one, but don’t want to go the full hog.

I certainly do intend of growing my collection going with the caramel melange next! What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette?


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