How to get rid of Acne scars and Wrinkles DIY

 We all know that getting lines and incurring acne scars from pesky spots is a sad part of life unless you are have skin from the gods than in that case I’m extremely envious! Although I have managed to get my skin to a good place where I get the odd breakout here and there, I have some minor acne scarring from my teenage years.

 As I have mentioned, my skin is annoyingly sensitive, so I have to be extremely careful about what products I use on it. I once had an Isolaz treatment which consists of a vacuum suction device designed to extract bacteria and excess sebum from your pores. I have not had such a severe reaction in my life! I looked like a spotty tomato and did not want to leave the house until I looked more human again and less like a tomato.

 After doing some research and finding the right products (which I’ve mentioned in my previous posts) I have managed to get my breakouts under control for around four years now and have fortunately had minimal breakouts. Although I am happy with my skin overall, I have always been on the hunt to find a product to help wth old acne scarring and to prevent wrinkles. Off course, I did the common thing and brought expensive serums, but they were just not cutting it for me and wanted something more efficient.

 Following my treatment horror, I was put off with having any more treatments and wanted to take matters into my hands. I heard that derma rolling was the new modern way of rejuvenating the skin by rolling small needles over the skin to create thousands of minuscule contact points which in turn helps to stimulate collagen to encourage production of new, clearer and younger skin. If you do this privately, you will need several of these sessions to see results, and they cost £100 per session depending on the clinic.

Although I like the concept of this treatment,  I wasn’t prepared to pay all that money to a risk of my skin potentially reacting badly. I started doing some research on home kits for derma rolling treatments and stumbled across the ‘Tinsky Derma Roller’. There were many different derma rollers, but the ‘Tinsky Derma  Roller’ had great reviews and was top rated. After reading the reviews which were mostly positive and reassuring, I decided to give it a go as it only costs £5.99 reduced from £19.99 including delivery Buy here!.

The ‘Tinsky Derma Roller’ is designed very well and feels a lot more luxurious than what I paid. It comes in a sturdy plastic case where you can store it after use. The needles are 0.5mm in depth and do not hurt in the slightest. You feel a slight tingle and sting when rolled over your skin but nothing too uncomfortable. It states it can use this on your body also, but I like to stick to my face as I want to target my scarring. I do not suggest to use this if you have active acne or open pores.

 I have been using this for over two months now so have a had a good chance to form an opinion and allow results. I started off by using it twice a week but only use it once now as I find that two can be quite abrasive. I usually derma roll before I go to bed and apply my ‘Luna Sunday Riley Sleeping night oil’ afterwards as it contains Retinol which is designed to fight wrinkles and correct skin damage. This oil is amazing on its own but used in combination with the Tinsky Derma Roller is a match made in heaven! Buy here!

Now you don’t have to use this exact oil as I’m not going to lie, it is pretty pricey, and you can just use your favourite serum or oil. I do highly recommend to use one which is formulated to help even out your skin tone such as serum or oil containing vitamin C or hydrologic acid as one of the benefits of using a derma roller is that any product used afterwards is absorbed more efficiently and the ingredients will work in 10 folds overnight!

How I use the Tinsky Derma Roller

Step 1– Spray alcohol solution onto the derma roller before use and leave to soak for 3-7 mins. You can use any solution that contains alcohol as you want to ensure it is clean. I Like to personally use this spray as it is quick and easy to use and super affordable. 

Step 2– Make sure your face is clean and dry before you start to use it.

Step 3- Start rolling the derma roller onto your face focusing on one section at a time. Use it in different directions to ensure each part of your skin is covered. You may want to test it on the back of your hand before use to adjust to pressure you to feel comfortable using.

Step 4– Apply rejuvenating serum or oil as after treatment. A vitamin C serum is recommended alongside this product for best results.

Step 5- Spray disinfectant alcohol spray after use

Step 6- Allow your skin to heal and restore itself after using again.

My verdict

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using this ‘Derma Roller’ for over two months now and felt it is best to test something for at least six weeks before I form an opinion on it. Although, in all honesty, I saw results with this product after just three uses. I never get complimented on my skin and after using it the 1st time I got complimented on how great it looked and was question ‘how I have such good skin’? It was a fantastic compliment as I’ve always had to work for my skin to look ‘good’. I immediately noticed how even and clearer my skin looked in the morning and that my makeup went on smoother and looked more flawless.

Astonishingly, I have also seen a reduction in the depth of my scars on checks and the scars are virtually unrecognisable on one side of my face. I am more comfortable with leaving the house without makeup to run errands whereas before, and I  had to wear some form of coverage before leaving the house.

 You will have to be persistent with using this, and I feel finding the right after treatment enhances the results but for the price compared to clinic prices this product is defiantly worth a go right?! As a skincare ‘connoisseur’ I would without hesitation recommend this if your a person who likes to do things themselves without spending extortionate amounts of money and are looking for a device to diminish old acne scarring naturally.

 Have you tried at home derma rolling yet? What are your tips for getting rid of acne scarring?


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