As much as it was imperative for me to find the right cleanser and moisturiser for my sensitive, reactive skin, it was equally as important to find the right face mask. As I am a self-proclaimed makeup addict, I am forever trying out makeup and layering my skin with products which may look great, but they do clog up your sebaceous glands which in turn can lead to unwelcome breakouts. That’s why it is important for me to use a detox face mask at least once a week to give my pores a thorough cleanse!

I first tried the ‘Caudalie Instant Detox Facemask’ when I got a sample of it from a magazine. I’m not one to rip out samples, but I am a massive advocate of brands that use natural ingredients in their products. I know Caudalie is a reliable brand when it comes to my skin, as they cater to sensitive skin and I also love their ‘Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet’ however, the thing that intrigued me the most about this mask was the ‘Pink Clay’ as detox masks are traditionally a charcoal grey colour.

Gorgeous ‘pink clay’ 

The main ingredients in the mask are pink clay, grape marc and coffee. The pink clay and coffee are designed to clarify and even out the complexion, and the grape marc will help detoxify and tighten pores. Do I believe in this formula? Yes, 1000%! Also, to add to my love of this mask, it is noticeably scented with Lavender, which would make sense as it contains lavender, parsley and chamomile. These ingredients are renowned for helping soothe and calm the skin, which makes it a perfect mask for pampering evenings, as the lavender scent gives it that spa like feel.

0% parabens and nasty ingredients!

I was surprisingly blown away by the results when I first used the sample because I don’t usually see instant results from face masks. It recommends that you leave the mask on for 6-10 minutes, but I will usually leave it on judging by how my skin feels. There is a slight tingle when you first apply it but nothing too overpowering. I left it on for the full 10 minutes as it felt comfortable and when I took it off I was honestly amazed!!! My skin looked radiant, felt calm, and my pores appeared noticeably smaller.

I’ve never encountered a mask that made such an impact on my skin days after I’ve used it too! My pores were smaller and tighter, the active hormonal breakout that I had was flatter and easier to conceal with makeup, and my skin looked more even and clearer. I tend to always try different masks, and I rarely stick to just one but knew I had to buy this in full size once I’d finished my current one.

It really saved my skin (and sanity) a couple of months back when I had a horrible breakout. Nothing was getting rid of my unwelcome new friends, and my current mask was just not cutting it. Off I went to my local pharmacy, which luckily stocks Caudalie, and bought it with great desperation. I paid £22, and you get 75ml of product, which I think is great value for money as the mask lasts a long time because you only need to apply a thin layer. I’ve had mine for over six months now, and it’s not even reached halfway yet. Buy here!

Me here absorbing the goodness:)

I’m a great believer in investing wisely on your skincare rather than makeup, as the condition of your skin can determine how you feel about yourself and also impacts how your makeup appears on your skin.

Now, at first, I was a little alarmed when I used it on my face, which was suffering from a recent breakout, as the mask forced some stubborn pimples to come to the surface, but luckily, they disappeared within a couple of days. I used it twice during that week, and it played a huge part in helping my skin heal and restore itself back to normal. I use this mask just once a week now before I go to bed and apply the ‘Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet’ afterwards, to add moisture back into my skin. These products are a match made in heaven and leave your skin feeling and looking as soft and plump as a baby’s in the morning. Buy here! 

The after effects of using this mask on your skin are nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It’s not just a mask to me but also a treatment. It tightens and shrinks my pores for days after I’ve used it, reduces my breakouts to nothing and makes my skin look like I’ve had a glycolic peel or a spa treatment. I have a lot to thank for this mask, and it has without a doubt become my favourite mask of all time!

 What’s your favourite face mask?


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