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Top Two Moisturisers for Dry Skin


This is an obvious analogy but I believe that wearing the right moisturiser is just as important to how your skin looks as wearing the right foundation, if not MORE vital! How your skin looks and feels like underneath the makeup will determine how your makeup will sit and appear on the skin.

Having quite dry and sensitive skin, I always struggled to find a moisturiser that won’t break me out and will give me enough hydration. Being the skincare addict that I am, I can admit that I have tried more moisturisers than any other beauty product! I finally found my ‘Holy Grail’ face wash but was finding it quite difficult to be satisfied with any moisturiser.

It wasn’t until a few years ago when my skin had a quarter life crisis and went from oily/combination to very dry that I started to do my research on good moisturisers specifically for dry/sensitive skin. After trying countless expensive moisturisers, which claimed to perform miracles but failed to give enough hydration and would break me out horrifically, I discovered two lifesavers, which I’ve been using for over three years now.

Ren Evercalm Global Protection day cream 

Ren copy

 Purchasing this moisturiser should have been an obvious choice for me as I am hopelessly devoted to the Ren Evercalm Cleansing Milk.  It was only when I received a mini sample when I reordered the cleansing milk, that I had aWhere have you been all of my life moment?!’ 

The ‘Ren Evercalm’ range is specifically designed for reactive and sensitive skin that can get easily irritated from environmental pollution. It’s also designed to help soothe and calm sensitive skin and is made from only naturally active ingredients. I liked the concept that it is designed to make sensitive skin less reactive over time.

 The best thing about Ren is that it caters to all skin types and they really do put thought into the ingredients they use in their products, which is why I love the brand so much! If you order from their website, you can get 10% off your product for life and 2 free generous sized samples to help you get a good reflection of the product and also it makes for a nice size to give to friends and family to try.

 Now onto the moisturiser itself! As with the cleansing milk, this made my skin so happy! It has a subtle florally scent but nothing too overpowering. I immediately noticed that it soothed my skin reducing any redness and made it look more even in colour, especially on my cheeks where I get most of the redness.

 I would say that it is a relatively rich cream but is not thick and oily like most rich moisturisers, which have the ability to make you look like a disco ball. One pump is more than enough and I like to spend about a minute to really massage it into my skin to get the optimal hydration. I would advise this step when using thick moisturisers as if they are not messaged properly it tends to just sit on your face and make it feel tacky without motorising to its full potential.

 As I’ve mentioned previously, I love the fact that they use naturally active bio extracts, some which have names that I cannot pronounce let alone mention but the ones that stand out to me are Omega 3 and 7 which are renowned for helping fight skin irritation and inflammation. It also contains Bisabolol an extract designed to help fight redness by soothing and restoring your skin.

 I gave my friend who has rosacea the small sample as she was on the hunt for a new moisturiser, she absolutely loved how it calmed down her redness that she ordered the full size. I can imagine that this can be a great moisturiser for a multitude of skin issues. 

Eucerin replenishing face cream 


The Eucerin replenishing face cream is a real hidden gem and I feel that every dry skin sufferer needs to know about this cream. I cannot say enough good things about it! I don’t feel that Eucerin as a brand is given enough praise in the beauty world. Although, I was overjoyed when I heard one-half of pixiwoo Sam Chapman state that this is her current favourite.

I alternate between this and Ren Evercalm but reach for this when my skin is feeling tight and flaky as it instantly diminishes my rough and tight skin and makes a beautiful base to apply my makeup on. It is also great to apply after treating your skin to a detoxifying face mask or after using a drying spot treatment, as it provides the much needed subtle moisture back into your skin.

 As I am a true lover of products that are not heavily loaded with ingredients, due to my sensitive skin, this stood out to me as it is Fragrance and Colourant Free which is an important factor to look out for if you suffer from reactive skin! It also has a clever science as it contains 5% Urea which is designed to help restore and maintain the moisture levels of your skin in the long run by improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

 As this moisturiser contains lactate which is a prominent ingredient to help soothe dry skin, you would think that it may leave you skin feeling greasy, however for a product that contains both lactate and Urea it is surprisingly non-greasy and needs less massaging into the skin than the Ren Evercalm as it is easily absorbed by the skin instantly making my dry, rough and flaky skin a thing of the past.

Eucerin is also approved and suggested by many dermatologists to use on eczema-prone skin and I can imagine it to be great to use when taking any skin drying medication due to the instant hydration and the fact that it’s fragrant free with minimal ingredients. The best thing about this moisturiser is that it won’t break the bank either, as you can pick it up at your local Boots store for only £11!

I think that I’ll be reaching for the Eucerin more this winter as I feel it is more effective at treating weather agitated skin and sinks into the skin slightly better than the Ren Evercalm. Although they are very similar in the sense that they treat your skin in the long run, by training your skin to maintain natural moisture and reducing reactivity.

 If you haven’t already given them a go and are struggling to find a moisturiser that will soothe your dry and irritated skin then look no further as I am convinced that one of these great moisturisers will be the one you’re looking for!

What’s your favourite moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin?


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