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Best Cleansers for Dry & Sensitive Skin

 Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk 

I truly believe that the foundation of having healthy skin is finding effective skincare products which hold beneficial naturally active ingredients.

I use this cleansing milk as my morning cleanser to give my skin a gentle and refreshing start to the day. I massage it all over my face for at least a minute then rinse it off with lukewarm water. I use the Ren Evercalm Cleansing Milk in conjunction with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and both combined have done wonders for my reactive and delicate skin.

Similarly to Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish this cleanser also contains naturally active ingredients and each one plays a significant role in making your skin look and feels great.

Calendula Oil – (my favourite ingredient) – renowned for helping to heal skin disorders such as acne and eczema. I like to leave it in on my skin for a few minutes when I’m having a breakout, as it does soothe and heal my skin when it’s going through a bad patch.

Fennel Seed Extracthas multiple benefits as it helps protect your skin from environmental pollution, combats premature ageing and is good at


distressed skin, which has spent the good part of the day on the London underground.

Omega 3 and 7


moisture back into your skin and reduces any tightness you may have due to change in weather or overexposure to harsh products. It adds the much-needed suppleness back by restoring your skin’s natural PH balance. This cleanser is a must to use during the colder seasons!

I notice a huge difference in my skin when I run out of this cleanser and reach for my other not-so-often-used supplies. As soon as I start to use it again, I immediately notice the tightness and patches of dry skin disappearing again.

They say that it is important to change up your skincare routine every six months as the products stop working, but three years on, and I can honestly say that I have no desire to change as these products have saved my skin! I will continue to use these lifesavers indefinitely!

 Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 

Could it be magic? The answer is YES…definitely, maybe 😉

I have used this for the best part of three years and have never looked at another make-up removing cleanser in the same light. On occasion, I have strayed when I’ve been intrigued to try something new, but my fascination has only ever lasted a few days. My skin naturally craves the Liz Earle ‘Cleanse and Polish’ and it sure lets me know it!

Why is this cleanser so great and iconic? 

Well, firstly this cleanser is so effective at removing makeup and daily grime like nothing else I’ve tried. You simply pump one or two pumps of the product and massage it all over your face, then use a warm muslin cloth to wipe away the goodness.

Every evening, it leaves my skin feeling like I’ve just walked out of a spa, and I think this may be contributing to my addiction! Another reason why it is so brilliant is that I truly believe it is suitable for ALL skin types, even and especially sensitive skin like mine. 

The product contains naturally active ingredients, which include cocoa butter, rosemary, chamomile, and eucalyptus that is design, as the name would suggest, to cleanse and polish (exfoliate) the skin. The Great thing is that it does all this without aggravating the skin or stripping it of its natural oils.

The cocoa butter leaves my skin feeling supple and moisturised while the rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus work together to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells gently. You may be mistaken in thinking that as it has quite a distinct eucalyptus scent that it can cause your skin to react. Let me tell you, I have the most sensitive and reactive skin ever, and I have never used a product that completely calms and soothes my skin.

If I’ve had a few unforgivable ‘fell asleep with makeup on’ nights, then this cleanser is my saviour! It sends any breakouts on their way and brings my skin back to life!

If you are in a bit of a rut with your skin and nothing is quite cutting it, then I highly recommend you to try this fantastic product. Bring it back to basics with this cleanser and use it once in the evening, as I do, to give your skin that revival that it needs. It will help clear and calm any breakouts as it is likely that you are using products heavily loaded with chemicals that are not doing any good to your skin.

I guarantee you will never look back and will be singing its praises to everyone like I am!

What’s your favourite cleanser for sensitive skin?



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